Last day off

Well, I had a realization today that this Jeep will NOT be far enough along to make it to the rally. This was my last day off and I only have 4 days off next week to work on it before the rally. There is WAYYY too much left to do before it would be ready to go. Therefore, I will be using most of the days off next week to get my other Jeep and the truck/trailer ready.

Sorry, no pics in this update – not a whole lot to show.

I ordered a gallon and 2 spray cans of Gillespie 24052, water pump, radiator hoses, bypass hose, and flex brake hoses from QTM today. The paint will be here on Monday – the rest of the parts this Friday.

Today, I installed the carb and hooked the spark plug wires back up. I cleaned the gas tank one more time and realized that I am going to have to get it lined because although it is clean, it has a lot of pitting in it. I poured some used oil in it and rolled it around to cover all surfaces. Then I put the tank in the Jeep and realized that I didn’t have gaskets (and didn’t order them with the rest of the stuff this morning) or any RTV. So I ran to town for RTV, a fuel filter, lunch and beer.

When I got back, I installed the pickup and sender and hooked up the lines. I sprayed some starting fluid in the carb and hit the starter – it backfired. Sprayed some more and it backfired out of the carb. I got out and checked the firing order. It looked right, so I put it on #1 TDC and opened the distributor – the rotor was on #3. So I rearranged the plug wires. Tried it again – backfire. I went to drink a beer and play with the dog. That’s when I realized that this Jeep wouldn’t be at the rally!

I cleaned up the mess that I had made over the last week off and drank another beer. I still had a while before dark, so I started sanding my small parts with a green Scotchbrite pad. Before I knew it I had sanded ALL of my primed parts! I guess I might have to do some painting on Tuesday if I get my other Jeep ready on Monday.

Well, that’s it! If I do something to it next week I’ll do an update – if not, I’ll put some rally pics on here

Done with blasting – FINALLY

I figured it would be a waste of time to write about the little bit of stuff I got done yesterday. All I got done was disassembling and blasting the w/s frame, painted the fan and installed the valve cover.


I picked up 200# of Black Beauty and 50# of glass beads from Porter Warner first thing this morning, came home and started blasting. 4hrs later the seats were blasted and primed.

I switched out the Black Beauty in the blast cabinet for glass beads. Then I blasted all of the small w/s parts and primed them.

Here is a pic of the parts I have done this week. Next week I’ll have to paint all this stuff!



Next I moved on to the front fuel line. I had originally planned on replacing the line. When I pulled the old one off to measure it, it didn’t look very bad. I blew air through it and go this crap out of it, so I filled it up with Super clean and heated it up with a propane torch – then I let it sit for about 30 minutes.


While that was working I blew out the fuel line from the tank to the tee where the front line fits. Amazingly, only (fairly) clean gas came out! Once I guessed the Super Clean had done its job, I dumped it out (it was dark orange) and washed it out with a garden hose. I filled it up with Super Clean again and let it sit.

I grabbed my spare carb and went to install it, but thought it looked a little rough. Since I had glass beads in the cabinet, I taped it up and cleaned her up!

wp-1490145024649.jpg    wp-1490145044844.jpg

After that, I taped off the top and painted the base gloss black, then I removed the tape and sprayed the whole carb with gloss clear to keep it shiney! I’ll install it tomorrow along with the tank – and HOPEFULLY get the thing mobile again!

I dumped and washed the fuel line and the Super Clean had barely changed color, so I figured it was clean enough! I blew air through it onto the towel and got a little orange out of it, but not much. HOPEFULLY the fuel system is clean now!

I installed the line back on the Jeep with the cleaned up shut off valve – I should’ve blasted it while I had the cabinet set up! I think I am going to install a primary disposable filter right after the shutoff and replace the one before the carb. After I am SURE that all of the lines and tank are clean, I will install the correct flex line from the shutoff to the pump and install a new hard line from the pump to the carb, omitting the disposable filter.



Plan for tomorrow is to install the carb, 2 disposable filters and tank. I really need to finish up the rear interior before I install the tank though.


Making progress

Ok,  so I got that pile of small parts blasted and primed, plus a few more I found on the tool box of the Jeep. I also painted the valve cover. 

Then I moved on to sanding and painting the radiator and sanding/ priming the shroud. 

The last thing I had time for was to paint the engine (block and head only – the accessories will get painted gloss black at a later date). I also painted the front cross member and where the air cleaner was and repainted the front frame rails. 

Tomorrow looks like blasting and priming the seats and w/s frame. If time permits, I will get back on the interior. 

Disassembly and cleaning day

Today I took the fenders, hood, radiator and fan off the Jeep so that I could get to the engine easier for cleaning. When I drained the radiator and looked down in the top, I could see a bunch of dirt or scale build up – if it is dirty on top of the tubes, the inside is just as bad! I guess this means that either I need to clean the radiator or take it to a shop.


I removed the 8 bolts holding the bumper on and it wouldn’t budge. I thought it might be tight since it was bent a little, so I hammered a pry bar between the bumper and frame – the bottom came out a little but the top didn’t. Upon further examination, somebody thought that the 8 bolts weren’t enough and TACK WELDED the upper part of the frame to the bumper! I ended up getting the Dremel out to cut the tacks. Like I said, there was a slight bend on both ends and the top and bottom were puckered a little where it was bent. I used my 20T hydraulic press to push the puckers down which straightened the bends almost completely. I pressed on the front a little to finish straightening it out. Lastly, I cleaned up the sharp spots on it with the side grinder and wire brushed (on the side grinder) the rust on the inside and bottom.

Then I moved on to cleaning the engine. By cleaning I mean SCRAPING – with a gasket scraper, paint scrapers (2 different sizes) and 2 different sized screw drivers. There was SOOO much grease and dirt buildup on the front of that engine and the front half of both sides that it took about 2hrs to scrape it off! I plan on using carb or brake cleaner and rags to clean it up good enough to paint. I will be brush painting it.


I removed the valve cover for blasting tomorrow. Being torn down to this point provides excellent access for changing that front fuel line also! I’m also going to DA the inner fenders – I don’t like how they turned out from brushing them.

The last thing I did was to gather parts for blasting and priming over the next couple of days.


I have the passenger and rear seat frames, fan shroud, front shackle brackets and bolts, valve cover, mirror arm and head, radiator support rods, oil filter top and horn. I am ordering a gallon of Gillespie 24052 enamel to paint everything. I am abandoning the Behr latex paint because it doesn’t seem to dry hard enough to sand. Maybe it will at some point in time, but it’s not fast enough for me! It should be here the next time I’m off, so I can paint everything at the same time. I also ordered my seat cushions yesterday – they will be here next week.


More sandblasting and priming

There’s more nooks and crannies to that grill than it looks like! I spent about 4hrs blasting that thing – and all of it wasn’t down to bare metal! I had to go back to Tractor Supply to get 3 more bags of Black Diamond after blasting the back side. A little sanding and it’ll be ready for paint.


Next, I took the battery box cover and air cleaner off the Jeep and fired up the blasting cabinet. There was a 1/2 cup of water in the air cleaner when I took it apart! It took about an hour to clean the oil out of it blast all of the parts.

wp-1489797651609.jpg        wp-1489797651641.jpg

It was starting to get dark when I started on the battery box cover – good thing I had stripped it down to the first layer of OD with chemical stripper. The last layer came off pretty quick and I got a couple of coats of primer on it before dark.

wp-1489797651608.jpg       wp-1489797651647.jpg

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll get to blast the windshield frame and seats. I guess I can take the radiator out and start on the engine. I can sand and paint the radiator, shroud and fan. I can also put the valve cover gasket on. If I take a trip to the parts store I can get new belts and the front fuel line replaced too. Now that I think about it, maybe I do need to switch gears and get some more mechanical stuff checked off the list!


Blasted some small parts

I installed the gloves and new hoses on my new (old)  cabinet blaster this afternoon so that I could get some small parts cleaned up and primed.  You can’t beat a cabinet blaster for that job. I only had some medium grit black beauty to go in it,  so the parts came out a little rougher than I like.  I’ll have to go by Tractor Supply to pick up a bag of glass beads to put ibut it. 

I cleaned them up with Naptha and sprayed a couple of coats of red oxide on them after that. I SHOULD be able to scuff them up with a Scotch Brite pad before paint and come out with a smooth finish. 

Planning on blasting the grill and windshield frame and getting them in primer tomorrow. If time permits, I might even spray some color on all these parts!

While looking for the blasting media to put in the cabinet, I ran across a 5 gal bucket full of Jeep parts that I forgot I had!  It had a few things on it that I need – mirror arm,  reflector brackets and (maybe)  vacuum wiper motors. 

Cleaning the gas tank (again)

I pulled the gas tank out and removed the sender and pickup (again).  Then I added about a cup of TSP and a quart of Purple Power cleaner – all I had. I found this method on an online tractor forum. I heated a 3 gal pot of water on my camp stove to about 150 deg and poured it in and sloshed it around. I heated another pot and added that.  I’m sure that boiling water would work even better, but I didn’t have enough propane to heat it for that long. The sending unit float had gas in it,  so I took the one off a spare sending unit I had and replaced it.

While the tank was cleaning itself I went ahead and pulled the grill off the Jeep so that I can blast it the next time I’m off.

So after the tank sat for about an hour, I checked it. It was doing pretty good – fairly clean up to the water level.  The bottom was VERY clean! The pickup filter was pretty clean too, although this pic doesn’t really portray that.  Once I sprayed it off with the water hose it looked pretty good.

 I heated another pot of water while I disassembled the grill for blasting.

The third pot of water brought out up to almost 3/4 full.  I’ll let they work until tomorrow afternoon,  when I’ll dump it and maybe repeat the process until she’s all clean. I’m also thinking about replacing the front fuel line since I have easy access with the grill off and don’t know if that one is plugged with this gelled gas or not. That way I’ll know that everything is clean from the tank to the carb – BEFORE I install my good carb again.  I’m also going to install my new valve cover gasket and maybe paint the engine and radiator/shroud while the grill is out.