MD Juan M100 trailer tub

I ran across an MD Juan M100 trailer tub, still in the shipping crate, on Facebook Market last week. It was fairly local (45 miles away). The guy was asking $850 for it. I have been looking at these repop tubs for a while now, with visions of putting it on my M100 chassis. The tubs from the dealers are $950 plus you either have to go pick it up (500 miles away) or pay freight. I called the guy and asked him straight out what the lowest amount he would take for it was. He said $650 – I said I would be there Monday morning!

I met him at his house and as it turns out, we both had the same US Army MOS’s (11B and 11M), were both Bradley gunners and were about the same age! He retired from the Army a couple of years ago and now works for the VA. We had a lot to talk about.

He said that he called MD Juan directly and ordered it from them. They shipped it in a container with D&L Bensinger’s order to save on shipping. Then Bensinger shipped it freight to Columbia where my guy picked it up and brought it home. He said he was able to do it this way for what I bought it for! Keep in mind that all of the MD Juan dealers are selling these for $950 (not including shipping!

We pulled the crate out of the garage to check it out. It measured out right (a little over 38″x72″), which was my biggest concern. It looked to be in good shape, so I handed over the cash and we loaded it up in the truck. It wouldn’t lay flat, so I left it standing (54″ wide x 75″ long x 22″ tall crate size). I strapped it down, said our goodbyes and brought it home. It fit perfectly (lengthwise).



When I got home, I pulled it out of the truck (the label said 290#) by myself and stood it up on end to check it out.


I noticed the edges of the bottom weren’t roll welded and had some gaps. This is fine – it doesn’t need to be water tight like the original (I won’t be floating it!).


I laid it back down on the ground to uncrate it.



I unscrewed the top (3/16″ or mm equiv. plywood of some sort).


The inside looked pretty good except the top rail which was either dented or ground down at a spot weld.


The floor was spot welded along both sides.



Another fitment issue I found was the end panels. The tabs inside don’t have a tight fit – the outside is the same.


I unscrewed the cross bar and unbolted the end of the crate.



I used the plywood from the lid to slide the tub onto. I forgot about the drain plug tabs sticking down on the bottom, so it took a little bit of wiggling to get those tabs over the bottom crate frame.


The I broke down the crate which was like 16 bolts (impact driver and 13mm socket knocked this out quick!).



Lastly, I moved it into the temporary storage (portable carport) and checked the fit of a fender (another one of my concerns that I read about being a problem. All of the tabs lined up!


Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I think I am looking at welding it to my chassis, scuffing it, then painting! Stay tuned for updates on this one!