Some finishing touches

UPS showed up today with my top and strap kit from WeeBee Webbing.

I got excited and threw the top and straps on – they looked GREAT!

I took a drive up the driveway and around the field – she ran GREAT! After a little while, I took another drive – and she started acting up halfway up the driveway!

I took a break and decided to change the trans and transfer oils. I bought a transfer pump from Advance Auto a few months ago in anticipation of changing these fluids. I have a 5 gal pail of 80w90 military gear oil that I have been using to fill up a quart bottle – this is a PITA! I spent $15 on the transfer pump, although Harbor Freight had the same one for $7! This is A VERY good investment when it comes to changing or adding fluids to an M38a1! It took me about 20 minutes to change fluids!

I have one more day to work on the Jeep before the rally/show. Even though it’s acting up after a short drive, I don’t think I’m going to try to figure out what’s going on with it. I will spend tomorrow fixing small stuff.

Thursday will be spent pressure washing the trailer, washing the Jeep and getting stuff together for the show.


Last day off this week

Today was my last day off. I think I got a good bit accomplished this week off.

Today, I went to O’reilly and bought a 5/16″x40″ (outside diameter) fuel line and 3/16″x40″ Copperhead brake line. The Copperhead line is a nickel/copper alloy that is easy to bend, won’t kink and stronger than copper line – I thought I would give it a try on my gas tank vacuum line.

When I got home, I made the first two bends of the fuel line and connected it to the elbow under the Jeep. Then I finished the last two bends at the tank. Then I removed the line to cut it to length and re flare the end.


I repeated the process with the vacuum line. Of course, it was as easy to bend as copper line and didn’t start to collapse with a 90deg bend.


I tie wrapped the lines together to help with vibration noise. Hopefully I can find the correct hard line connectors.


Next, I was able to FINALLY get the steering wheel off! I removed the fixture, heated the shaft with a torch, lubed with WD40 Rust Penetrant, reinstalled the fixture and cranked down on the bolt. A little while later, I cranked down a couple more turns and it popped loose!


This pic shows how much pressure I have kept on the fixture for the past 4 days!


After I got the old wheel off, I cleaned the threads and splines and test fit the new wheel. I don’t really like the green, so I might paint it black like the original one.


Next, I painted the military anti theft device and the parking brake handle and bolts. I reinstalled them after they dried.



I finished wet sanding the driver side and rear of the Jeep. I guess next week I will re do the bodywork on the passenger side and get it ready for paint. Then I can put the finish coat of paint on the whole Jeep.


I had a few minutes left to work on it, so I grabbed the top bow brackets, cleaned them with the wire wheel and sprayed them with a coat of primer.


The plan for next Tues-Thurs will be to re do the passenger side bodywork, get it ready for paint and put the final coat of paint on it. Getting that much done next week will put me in a good position to have it ready for the Denton rally at the end of April.

Mail Call


No work on the Jeep while I am on shift, but I did receive a package from Peter Debella Jeep Parts. I just ordered the stuff 2 days ago – wasn’t expecting it until Monday at the earliest!


It’s starting to get real when you get to the point of ordering and installing weather stripping/seals! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Anyhow, I have a glove box seal, NOS battery lid seal (dated Nov 1960), toolbox seal, clutch cable boot and a SS fuel filter assembly. I’m not exactly sure which is which on the glovebox and battery box seals until I unroll them to see which fits where. The toolbox seal is a really nice, high quality contoured seal and the other 2 are a LOT higher quality than the foam rubber ones I bought for my other Jeep 20 yrs ago. Since the original type fuel filters are hard to come by these days and my pickup tube was rusted away at the bottom and filled with crap, I figured I would just buy a washable assembly. My tank will be cleaned and sealed, and my carb will be back from the rebuilder soon, so why not start with a new filter. I think I am going to replace the fuel line from the pickup to the main line also since it had a lot of buildup in it from the bad gas when I got it.

Parts ordered

I ordered a bunch of parts on 1/19/17 from Quarter Ton & Military Jeep Parts in GA. They should be here by the time I get off work on Thursday. 

I ordered: exhaust pipe, muffler and gadgets, bellcrank rebuild kit, flex fuel line and battery retainers.

In addition to those, I figured I might as well save on shipping and order some of the finishing touches at the same time.  Those are:  new steering wheel,  cowl rubber,  transmission shifter boot,  transfer shifter boot,  shifter knob set and a filler neck grommet. Plus I went ahead and bought 5 inner tubes (Carlisle, with the correct valve stem for $9.75 ea!)

I have an appointment with Wigington Surplus on Friday to pick up some of the bigger items like spare tire carrier,  gas can carrier, 2 rims, b.o. driving light and bracket and gauges.  I’m sure I’ll find done other things I need while I’m  there – he has an old military vehicle scrap yard. 

I also called WeeBee Webbing to get an estimate on shipping time for a set of seat cushions.  David said they Donna usually gets them shipped out within 10 days when they aren’t swamped,  and they aren’t behind right now.  So I guess I’ll wait a little closer to being done before I spend that money. 

Summit Racing Equipment has the best price on 7.00×16 NDCC – Firestone branded too, so I’ll be ordering those soon as well. 

After that, I will only have some small stuff to buy here and there to finish it up.  Stay tuned – I’ll be updating in a few days with my parts shipment and will be getting back to work on it Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.