My name is Matt Freeman – wilfreeman on all of the blogs. I have owned an M38a1 since 1997. I have completely restored that one and recently ran across this 1964 USMC version. Over the last 20 years of ownership and restoration, I have learned most every nut and bolt on these machines, because I have removed, cleaned and replaced EVERY one at least once! To some, especially locally, I┬áhave become the go to guy (or “Jeep Guru”)to get their questions answered or Jeeps repaired. I have another blog that covers the restoration of my first M38a1 and the restoration and “bobbing” of our M35a2 deuce. The links to these can be found in the sidebar along with links to my favorite forums and websites pertaining to military vehicles.

With this blog, I am going to document the progress of putting this rare USMC version of the M38a1 back in “Motor Pool” condition – as the MVPA calls it. It is not technically “restored”, just mechanically sound with all of the parts present and working and the body in good condition with good paint and proper markings. Good enough to show, but not a 100% correct show winner.

This Jeep was really a good find off of Craigslist. It is fairly complete, running and not rusted out – did I mention RARE?

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