Windshield and seats

I picked up my windshield from Sigmond Auto Glass in Lancaster today. They did a good job, although he DID take a while to get to it. In his defense, I DID tell him when I dropped it off last Thursday that I wasn’t in a big hurry. Anyhow, he only charged me $25 to install the old glass with the new rubber – well worth it! When I got back home I re installed all of the hardware. I still need to buy new wiper arms/wipers and vacuum hose before it is completely finished.


Next, I installed the new cushions on the rear seat frame. I forgot how much of a pain it is to do this! There is a lot of pulling and stretching involved on the seat back. Also, the outer 2 holes on the seat back top were too far out – I had to drill a new hole on one side. A couple of install tips – 1)use an awl to make the holes for the screws – don’t try to screw the screw through the 2 (or more) layers of canvas, 2)Install at least one screw at the top, then pull down on the sides (or bottom) and install a screw on the sides (or bottom) – fill in the rest going from side to side to keep it even, 3) You won’t get them perfectly smooth, 4) the fabric will smooth out once it gets wet and tightens back up when it dries and with use. These are observations from my first Jeep upholstery and top.

It would be nice if WeeBee Webbing would make the seat back cushion about 1.5″ wider to fill the frame, but they say that they patterned it from an original, so it should be correct.


Lastly, I installed the cushions on the passenger seat. The seat back installed quickly with a little pulling to install the top middle screws, then work your way from side to side installing the side screws. The bottom cushion installed VERY quickly as usual since they  just bolt on,





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