Baby steps

Today, I put some gas in the tank and got her running again. She still isn’t running good though. There is a skip in it. There is also an exhaust leak for sure. I tried to tighten up the nuts around #2 & 3 cylinders. Found out that the brass nuts are stripped out! I replaced one of them and it quieted down a little. Then I found the upper one was stripped. I replaced the nut on that one, but the stud is stripped instead! I’m also not 100% sure that there are exhaust gaskets installed. I got the engine running better, but it still isn’t good enough to take anywhere. So I guess that seals the deal – it WON’T be going to Denton! I guess I’ll finish up the fuel pump install  and adjust the valves on my other Jeep the next time I’m off.

I went ahead and installed the fenders on the Jeep. I also installed the horn. I tried to install the welting on the grill, but I couldn’t find the tool I made to form the rivets and couldn’t get anything else to work. I gave up on that. I installed the mirror and arm. I also installed the welting on the windshield stand offs.



I installed the rubber strip under the windshield frame and TRIED to install the glass – gave up on that after about 30 minutes of failure! I guess I’ll take it to the glass shop tomorrow.


I don’t know if I’ll work on the Jeep tomorrow or not. If I do, I’ll probably maybe just sand and paint under the hood.


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