Started reassembly

I started reassembling yesterday.

Starting with the motor, I installed the new water pump and painted it to match the engine. I installed the new bypass hose, fan and belts. Next, I pulled the #1 plug and threaded in a compression gauge. I used the gauge to make sure I was on #1 TDC. Once on #1 TDC, I opened up the distributor and noted the rotor location. I reordered the plug wires from that point. As it turns out, I had the wires backwards – they were 180deg out. I sprayed some gas into the carb and she fired without backfiring, so I moved on.

Next, I tackled the front brake lines. Of course nothing is as simple as it looks to start! The metal brake line nuts were rusted tight. I broke the one at the s-line loose, but the lower one wouldn’t turn. So that took 5 times longer than it should have. The 6″ hard line had been rubbing on the spring u-bolt and was almost rubbed through, so I pulled it off. The lower spring clip holding the flex line on broke into 3 pieces! The long flex hose connecting the axle and frame came off fairly easy except for the spring clip that was rusted away and broke in two when I popped it off. The passenger side went pretty quick, but the hard line was rusted and the nut wouldn’t budge. I made a run to O-rielly and bought 4 spring clips, a 3/16″x 8″ hard line, brake fluid and antifreeze. Once home, I cut the hard line down to 6″, bent/flared and installed it. The new clips secured it all together.

FINALLY, I started putting stuff back together! I installed the air filter housing, fan shroud, radiator, grill and grill supports. Then I cut the radiator hoses to length and installed them.



I re-wrapped the headlight wiring harness with tape and installed it along with the headlights and B.O. lights. Then I re-wrapped the rest of the harness back to the firewall. I filled the radiator with water only.


She’s starting to look more complete with the bumper back on!


Today I am planning on putting some gas in the tank and (hopefully) getting it running from the tank. Once that happens, I can put the fenders back on. I need to get the inside of the hood painted green. After that, I can re assemble the windshield and get it installed.

We’ll see how far I can get on that. If I can get that far, all that I want to get done from that point is to get the interior stripped/primed and painted, steering wheel replaced and some small parts bolted back on.

Oh yeah, my seat cushions arrived yesterday! Gotta love the smell of new military canvas! My spray cans of paint finally showed up too.


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