Parts painted!

My paint and other parts arrived the other day. Today was my first day off, so I went to work getting all of the parts I removed and blasted painted. I was able to get 2 coats on everything today! It was a nice warm day, so they dried fairly fast in the sun. I had the windshield frame hanging from the swing set, saw horses with plywood on them for the grill and small parts and 2 racks given to me by my cousin for the seat, bumper and more small parts to hang from.


Passenger seat hanging from the swing set.


Passenger seat on the rack – I had small parts hanging on wire from the rack also.


All of the small parts (and some big ones) – they are a PAIN to paint and are TIME CONSUMING!

I didn’t show the windshield frame because I had already taken it down from the swing set when I remembered to take pictures. Some of the small parts are going to need some touch up where I missed some places – good thing my 2 spray cans will be here tomorrow! Also, since the paint went on pretty heavy, it is sort of glossy – that will flatten out as it cures,

Tomorrow I will be changing the water pump, installing the new hoses and flexible brake lines, hopefully get it running again and re installing the grill, radiator/shroud, air filter, fenders and bumper.

Then I can move on to stripping/priming and painting the interior, and putting the windshield back together. My seat cushions should be here in a couple of days also.





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