Last day off

Well, I had a realization today that this Jeep will NOT be far enough along to make it to the rally. This was my last day off and I only have 4 days off next week to work on it before the rally. There is WAYYY too much left to do before it would be ready to go. Therefore, I will be using most of the days off next week to get my other Jeep and the truck/trailer ready.

Sorry, no pics in this update – not a whole lot to show.

I ordered a gallon and 2 spray cans of Gillespie 24052, water pump, radiator hoses, bypass hose, and flex brake hoses from QTM today. The paint will be here on Monday – the rest of the parts this Friday.

Today, I installed the carb and hooked the spark plug wires back up. I cleaned the gas tank one more time and realized that I am going to have to get it lined because although it is clean, it has a lot of pitting in it. I poured some used oil in it and rolled it around to cover all surfaces. Then I put the tank in the Jeep and realized that I didn’t have gaskets (and didn’t order them with the rest of the stuff this morning) or any RTV. So I ran to town for RTV, a fuel filter, lunch and beer.

When I got back, I installed the pickup and sender and hooked up the lines. I sprayed some starting fluid in the carb and hit the starter – it backfired. Sprayed some more and it backfired out of the carb. I got out and checked the firing order. It looked right, so I put it on #1 TDC and opened the distributor – the rotor was on #3. So I rearranged the plug wires. Tried it again – backfire. I went to drink a beer and play with the dog. That’s when I realized that this Jeep wouldn’t be at the rally!

I cleaned up the mess that I had made over the last week off and drank another beer. I still had a while before dark, so I started sanding my small parts with a green Scotchbrite pad. Before I knew it I had sanded ALL of my primed parts! I guess I might have to do some painting on Tuesday if I get my other Jeep ready on Monday.

Well, that’s it! If I do something to it next week I’ll do an update – if not, I’ll put some rally pics on here


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