Disassembly and cleaning day

Today I took the fenders, hood, radiator and fan off the Jeep so that I could get to the engine easier for cleaning. When I drained the radiator and looked down in the top, I could see a bunch of dirt or scale build up – if it is dirty on top of the tubes, the inside is just as bad! I guess this means that either I need to clean the radiator or take it to a shop.


I removed the 8 bolts holding the bumper on and it wouldn’t budge. I thought it might be tight since it was bent a little, so I hammered a pry bar between the bumper and frame – the bottom came out a little but the top didn’t. Upon further examination, somebody thought that the 8 bolts weren’t enough and TACK WELDED the upper part of the frame to the bumper! I ended up getting the Dremel out to cut the tacks. Like I said, there was a slight bend on both ends and the top and bottom were puckered a little where it was bent. I used my 20T hydraulic press to push the puckers down which straightened the bends almost completely. I pressed on the front a little to finish straightening it out. Lastly, I cleaned up the sharp spots on it with the side grinder and wire brushed (on the side grinder) the rust on the inside and bottom.

Then I moved on to cleaning the engine. By cleaning I mean SCRAPING – with a gasket scraper, paint scrapers (2 different sizes) and 2 different sized screw drivers. There was SOOO much grease and dirt buildup on the front of that engine and the front half of both sides that it took about 2hrs to scrape it off! I plan on using carb or brake cleaner and rags to clean it up good enough to paint. I will be brush painting it.


I removed the valve cover for blasting tomorrow. Being torn down to this point provides excellent access for changing that front fuel line also! I’m also going to DA the inner fenders – I don’t like how they turned out from brushing them.

The last thing I did was to gather parts for blasting and priming over the next couple of days.


I have the passenger and rear seat frames, fan shroud, front shackle brackets and bolts, valve cover, mirror arm and head, radiator support rods, oil filter top and horn. I am ordering a gallon of Gillespie 24052 enamel to paint everything. I am abandoning the Behr latex paint because it doesn’t seem to dry hard enough to sand. Maybe it will at some point in time, but it’s not fast enough for me! It should be here the next time I’m off, so I can paint everything at the same time. I also ordered my seat cushions yesterday – they will be here next week.



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