More sandblasting and priming

There’s more nooks and crannies to that grill than it looks like! I spent about 4hrs blasting that thing – and all of it wasn’t down to bare metal! I had to go back to Tractor Supply to get 3 more bags of Black Diamond after blasting the back side. A little sanding and it’ll be ready for paint.


Next, I took the battery box cover and air cleaner off the Jeep and fired up the blasting cabinet. There was a 1/2 cup of water in the air cleaner when I took it apart! It took about an hour to clean the oil out of it blast all of the parts.

wp-1489797651609.jpg        wp-1489797651641.jpg

It was starting to get dark when I started on the battery box cover – good thing I had stripped it down to the first layer of OD with chemical stripper. The last layer came off pretty quick and I got a couple of coats of primer on it before dark.

wp-1489797651608.jpg       wp-1489797651647.jpg

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll get to blast the windshield frame and seats. I guess I can take the radiator out and start on the engine. I can sand and paint the radiator, shroud and fan. I can also put the valve cover gasket on. If I take a trip to the parts store I can get new belts and the front fuel line replaced too. Now that I think about it, maybe I do need to switch gears and get some more mechanical stuff checked off the list!



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