Blasted some small parts

I installed the gloves and new hoses on my new (old)  cabinet blaster this afternoon so that I could get some small parts cleaned up and primed.  You can’t beat a cabinet blaster for that job. I only had some medium grit black beauty to go in it,  so the parts came out a little rougher than I like.  I’ll have to go by Tractor Supply to pick up a bag of glass beads to put ibut it. 

I cleaned them up with Naptha and sprayed a couple of coats of red oxide on them after that. I SHOULD be able to scuff them up with a Scotch Brite pad before paint and come out with a smooth finish. 

Planning on blasting the grill and windshield frame and getting them in primer tomorrow. If time permits, I might even spray some color on all these parts!

While looking for the blasting media to put in the cabinet, I ran across a 5 gal bucket full of Jeep parts that I forgot I had!  It had a few things on it that I need – mirror arm,  reflector brackets and (maybe)  vacuum wiper motors. 


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