Cleaning the gas tank (again)

I pulled the gas tank out and removed the sender and pickup (again).  Then I added about a cup of TSP and a quart of Purple Power cleaner – all I had. I found this method on an online tractor forum. I heated a 3 gal pot of water on my camp stove to about 150 deg and poured it in and sloshed it around. I heated another pot and added that.  I’m sure that boiling water would work even better, but I didn’t have enough propane to heat it for that long. The sending unit float had gas in it,  so I took the one off a spare sending unit I had and replaced it.

While the tank was cleaning itself I went ahead and pulled the grill off the Jeep so that I can blast it the next time I’m off.

So after the tank sat for about an hour, I checked it. It was doing pretty good – fairly clean up to the water level.  The bottom was VERY clean! The pickup filter was pretty clean too, although this pic doesn’t really portray that.  Once I sprayed it off with the water hose it looked pretty good.

 I heated another pot of water while I disassembled the grill for blasting.

The third pot of water brought out up to almost 3/4 full.  I’ll let they work until tomorrow afternoon,  when I’ll dump it and maybe repeat the process until she’s all clean. I’m also thinking about replacing the front fuel line since I have easy access with the grill off and don’t know if that one is plugged with this gelled gas or not. That way I’ll know that everything is clean from the tank to the carb – BEFORE I install my good carb again.  I’m also going to install my new valve cover gasket and maybe paint the engine and radiator/shroud while the grill is out.


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