Stripping the hood

I let the stripper work overnight and checked it first thing when I got home this afternoon. It worked pretty good – ate off the blue and white paint. This environmentally friendly stripper works but you have to have patience with it!



I was able to scrape off the top layers all the way to the green. I tried the DA on the green, but it only gummed up the paper. So I put another coat on it – we’ll see what that coat does.

I put a coat of stripper on the serial number plate yesterday too. This is what it looked like this afternoon:


I was able to peel pretty much all of the paint off without scraping. I put a little more stripper on it and let it sit for about 45 more minutes and was able to wipe most of the rest off. I used a toothbrush to get the last little bits of paint off, then polished the plate with car wax. Turned out pretty good!

The last thing I had time to do was paint the springs. The Rust Reformer has turned to a sealer/primer and was ready to paint this afternoon. I sprayed 2 coats of gloss black on them. Maybe I’ll have time to pull the springs off and switch out the top leaves sometime soon.

Tomorrow – finish stripping/sanding/priming the hood and battery box cover, drain and pull the fuel tank and pull the radiator and grill.





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