New front springs

When I was restoring my ’54 M38a1, one of my top leafs of the spring pack was broken. I ran across D&L Bensinger who sold the top spring only – NOS. I had forgotten where I bought the top leaf from until I was searching last week. Anyhow, I saw it on their website and gave them a call – Daryl said they still had them in stock, so I ordered 2 to replace both of my broken front top leafs.

They arrived today. When I opened the package up, they looked like USED leafs – pretty rusty. One of them still had remnants of a toe tag left on it though. I’m guess that he sent out the best condition ones first (years ago) and he is getting to the last ones he has in stock. Regardless, I paid $20 ea and $15 shipping for 2 springs that AREN’T broken!


I went out and spread some stripper on the center section of the hood and another coat on the serial # tag. I am trying not to scrape the tag if possible.


While that was working, I went back to the shop and wire brushed the springs, blew them off and brushed a coat of rust converter on them. Tomorrow I’ll paint them up.

I went back out to the Jeep to check on the stripper, but it hadn’t done too much. I’ll leave it to work overnight. Hopefully I can just scrape that hard paint away tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe I can finish up the hood and take the gas tank and grill off tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “New front springs”

    1. What’s that, like an aircraft stripper? Hopefully this crap I bought at Wally World will get that last but of paint off for me, then I’ll be blasting the grill and w/s frame. We’ll see tomorrow afternoon I guess!


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