More body work

I ran to Harbor Freight to pick up some 60 grit paper and a new backing pad for the DA. I found another (half used) wire cup brush yesterday and installed it on the grinder. When I got home I got started stripping the rest of the passenger side. It took me a couple of hours to finish. I went to work with the DA after that. I went ahead and stripped what paint was left on the front bumper next. Then I moved on to the rear panel. When I started stripping with the grinder I noticed some more stenciling, so I stopped and only stripped where the gas can carrier and spare tire carrier are. I went ahead and removed the other bumperette so that I could strip the rear crossmember. I used up the rest of the second wire wheel!


I painted on a thick coat of stripper on the rear panel that still had paint. Last of all, I poured some Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer in the spray gun (the spray can was almost empty and I didn’t go buy any) and sprayed a couple of coats on the body. The stencil was found in the lower left under the gas can carrier area – exactly where the damage to the rear panel is!

As you can see, I got about half of the passenger side of the hood stripped too – I ran out of sunlight. The 60 grit works better, but it is still slow going. I would use the grinder, but I want the hood to be as smooth as possible.



I still have to blast the slave cable receptacle port, grill and windshield frame after I finish stripping the hood and cowl.

Well, my time is up for the week off. I will be getting off work at 3:30 for the next month or so, so I am planning on trying to get some stuff done in the afternoons. One thing it looks like I am going to HAVE to do is pull the tank out and have it boiled out – and maybe replace the front fuel line too. The carb is plugged up again – won’t even try to fire. I’m guessing that the needle is plugged AGAIN



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