Body work

I spent the whole day working on the body. I started out working on the interior and within 15 minutes I was working on the body! I don’t know why I don’t want to work on the interior. When I first went out, I realized that I had left some stripper on the passenger cowl – evidenced by the bubbled up paint. I stripped it with a paint scraper and this is what was revealed.


Any idea what it means? This is the exact location. The characters are 3/4″ tall.

UPDATE: 2320-835-8319 is the ordinance stock number for the M38a1 – Wes from Willysmjeeps confirmed this.


I quickly figured out that the DA and 80 grit paper wasn’t going to work. So I grabbed the grinder with a wire wheel. That made quick work of stripping the white and blue paint. I finished up with the DA. I stripped the whole driver side and the right rear quarter before I used up my wire wheel.


I had to do a little hand sanding where neither of the power tools would reach, but not much. I went ahead and primed all of this and used the DA to strip about a third of the hood. I still don’t know what that white paint is, but 80 grit has a hard time with it! I think I’ll buy some 60 grit to do the rest. I also sanded down the front of the passenger side fender.


I’m pretty sure I am going to pay somebody to blast the grill – it would take FOREVER to sand it!

It looks like a little more body work than originally thought, but nothing major – other than the rear panel, passenger floor and fenders.



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