Tires and more painting

I went out first thing this morning and loaded up the wheels and used tires. I took them to a local tire shop to have them mounted. While they were doing that, I ran to the parts store(s) looking for a wheel stud and belts. I went to Advance Auto – they had one belt and a 2″ stud (the M38a1 takes a 1.42″ stud, but a 1.5″ will work). Next stop was NAPA. Again, they had 1 belt (you really need to get a matched set of belts). The guy showed me a picture in the book of the different types of studs – I decided to press the old one out before I bought a replacement because there are so many different types of knurl.

I went back to the tire shop to pick up my tires. When I backed up and got out to load the tires, one of the guys noticed smoke coming from the right rear of my truck. Upon inspection, we deduced that the caliper was stuck. After removing the wheel and a bunch of prying, it was loosened enough to drive home while trying not to use the brakes – 12 miles. The tire shop charged me $36 to remove 4 tires and mount 3 used ones and 3 new tubes. I limped home and only used the brakes twice! When I pulled up at my shop I got out to sniff around the right rear – I didn’t smell anything burning. Ford trucks are known for the caliper pins freezing up – I am guessing this is what happened to mine today.


First job was to finish stripping and painting the underside. I spent about an hour to finish stripping the front end and about 45 minutes painting everything – turned out very nice! Also, the spring is broken in 2 places – it will definitely need to be replaced!


After that was done, I put the tires back on and —- it actually looks like it is supposed to look now! The front springs ARE sagging a bit though. Both of them being broken might have something to do with that, huh? Might have to replace those for it to look right.


Last thing I did was to start stripping the paint. I bought some citrus paint stripper at Walmart yesterday to try. Turn out that it doesn’t work as good as aircraft stripper – let it sit for an hour and it only took the top layer off! After a couple of hours of work, I finally got the fronts of the front fenders stripped – pretty much! Going to have to come up with another plan for stripping the paint!




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