New parts and painting

I took my front wheels to JTs Powdercoat to get them blasted on Monday. 

I went back to Piedmont on Tuesday to exchange the bad light switch. I came home with a pair of new (insides looked new,  and he gave me new lenses) front B.O. marker lights,  new (looked new inside)  left rear tail light and 3 used NDCCs.

I stopped by to pick my wheels up from sand blasting on the way home.  Once home, I quickly sprayed them with primer to keep them from rusting. 

Yesterday afternoon I threw a coat of paint on my freshly primed wheels,  spare tire mount, bumperette, b.o. marker lights and lenses and light switch. I screwed up and thinned the paint too much and it wouldn’t dry!  

So this morning I went out,  scuffed and sanded everything and sprayed everything again!  Turned out MUCH better this time an’s dried quickly. I also went ahead and pulled my spare wheel off the old m100 – scuffed and sprayed it too. 

Accessories painted

After the switch had time to dry a little I installed it back into the dash to finish that off. I used a piece of 220 grit sand paper to reveal the letters on the switch. 

New switch installed – dash is DONE!

Last thing for the day was to get started on the front springs and axle.  Man,  chipping and scraping those hubs was a pain! I used a paint scraper,  flat screwdriver,  gasket scraper and a wire brush. I don’t what kind of paint that white is,  but it IS tough!  After about 2hrs I finally had it stripped and painted all the way to the the diff housing. 

Left side done and looking good!

I started stripping the right side – I got the hub done. I guess I’ll finish this and the rest of the axle and springs tomorrow.  I’m also planning on getting the tires put on. 


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