Worked on spare tire carrier

I worked on the spare tire carrier today. I spent about and hour grinding, welding, grinding again and priming the spare tire carrier. I welded up one crack and 2 holes that weren’t supposed to be there. I also did a little grinding on some previous welds (I thought I couldn’t weld!). I smoothed out a lot of welds, but some I couldn’t fix. I know these things were made as cheaply as possible, but come on – these were crap welds! I finished off with a real heavy coat of brushed on Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer to fill in the rust pitting. Hopefully I can do a little sanding next week and you won’t be able to see the rust pitting on it. 

Got the extra holes welded up, cracks welded, grinded off the wells on the top and straightened some of the metal.

2 coats of primer to hide some of the pitting.

After working on the spare tire carrier, I grabbed the new M35 wiring harness that I got from Saturn Surplus. I used my list of standard military circuit numbers to mark all of the connectors on the harness with masking tape and a Sharpie. One thing that I found was a large 8 pin connector that I thought was for the turn signal switch – I don’t know what it is for! I found all of the wires for the turn signal flasher or junction box (with ring connectors), but no small 8 pin connector for a turn signal switch or 3 pin connector for a solid state flasher. It looks like this is going to turn into more of a job than I thought! All of the wires I need are there, but the turn signal part will be a little work.

Well, that’s it for this week off. I guess I’ll get back to work on it again next week when I get off. Hopefully I’ll be able to go pick up my tires and replacement light switch next Thursday. The plan for the next time I’m off is to get the interior stripped and painted, engine compartment stripped and painted, wheels stripped/painted/tires changed, front springs and axle painted, windshield frame stripped/painted/assembled and engine running properly. The only major thing left after that will be repairing the rear panel, fenders and small hole in the floor. Then I can paint it and install the new interior.


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