Chassis is painted

Yesterday was another beautiful day to work on the Jeep – 67deg and mostly sunny!

I got outside around 10:30 and started on the frame immediately. I jacked up the rear end and set it on jack stands. This made it easier to get underneath for scraping, brushing and painting. I started at the rear shocks and moved to the rear – there are a LOT of nooks and crannies on a Jeep frame! 2 hrs later I was done with the prep work. I took a little break and then started painting. I considered spraying it, but I’m not ready to paint the underside of the tub yet and figured I would get too much paint on it if I did. Brushing was the only option. Like I said – there are a LOT of nooks and crannies on a Jeep frame! Another 1.5 hrs of painting, then about 30 minutes of scraping and painting on the axle and I am DONE refurbing the rear of the chassis! I also went ahead and cleaned/painted the springs. What is another good benefit of doing all of this work underneath? 4 hrs of abs/ and upper body workout!

Before – everything had surface rust, that bent up exhaust pipe and gigantic car muffler had to go!



After – All of the concrete like sand on top of the frame rails, dirt dawber nests and cobwebs are gone! I made sure to polish the Limited Slip tag on the axle, since that axle is one or the peculiarities of a USMC M38a1

I still have the outer sections and brake backing plates of the rear axle to paint. Also, the front axle and springs to clean and paint to be completely finished with the chassis, but it is MOSTLY done.

After I finished with the chassis, I moved on to the wheel wells. A little scraping and a LOT of contorting around the tires to paint the wheel wells! These will get sprayed with a heavy coat of undercoating along with the whole frame and underside of the tub at a later date – this was original on a USMC M38a1. And when I say heavy, I’m talking about 3/16″ thick on EVERYTHING underneath! I won’t bore you with pics of each wheelwell – here’s the right front that you really can’t see.



Monday, I received my package from QTM parts via FedEx – which contained grill welting, a bumperette and a (very) used spare tire carrier. I also received the w/s bumper welting and pedal draft pad kits from RFJP ( via USPS.

The bumperette was said to be an original – sandblasted and primed. It feels a little lighter to me and is in too good condition to be an original. I think he sent me one of the repros which he said was an exact copy – just NOT made of spring steel. I guess it’s not that big of a deal – they are priced at $40. The spare tire carrier was everything he said it was. My dilemma was to either pay $125 for a new repro (exact US made copy), or try to find an original. Luckily, Matt at QTM had a used one – VERY used! He priced it at $75, but it IS original. He said it looked like the military had welded an antenna base onto the top and cut it off at a later date, and was a little bent up – he wasn’t kidding! I did a little grinding on the welds with the bench grinder and a little hammering on the bends on Monday, but not much.

I see the sun is out now – I think I might go out and work on that spare tire carrier for a bit.



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