Bellcrank and tie rods – done

I was able to get out to the Jeep for a few hours this afternoon. I slid under the Jeep and what do you know – the bolt was already loose! I used the impact to turn the bolt while I pried the bellcrank down until it came off. It was pretty nasty!

I used a punch to drive the old seal and 2 sets of needle bearings out of the bellcrank and cleaned it up with a rag. Next, I used the wire wheel on the bench grinder to clean it up. Lookin’ pretty good!


I put the new needle bearings in the freezer while I heated the bellcrank – the bearings were a tight fit. Once heated and cold, a little pounding on a socket is all it took to get them in. I installed the new seals the same way. Lastly, I installed the specialty upper seal and felt ring in the bellcrank. The new bearing sleeve and bolt installed, I put it back in the frame bracket. Guess what?! The damn new bolt was too short! I ended up removing the bushing from the old bolt with heat and installing the new bushing with heat (it was a tight fit). I primed and pain ted it. When it was dry enough to handle, I put it back in the bracket and tightened it down – PERFECT FIT! Nice and tight with no play!

Next, I used the wire wheel on the tie rods and cleaned them up nice and neat. I sprayed them with primer. While the primer was drying, I wire brushed the frame crossmember and primed it.


When everything was dry enough to handle (about 30 minutes), I put it back together and called it a day – I feel good about what I accomplished in 3.5hrs!


Haven’t decided on tomorrow’s project. I am planning on stopping by the parts store for a couple of filters. Maybe I’ll get that changed and put the other carb on. I could pull the drag link out, clean it up and paint it. Might work on the rest of the interior – supposed to be in the 70s again tomorrow, so I know I’ll be outside doing something for sure!



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