New exhaust installed


I spent 4hrs removing/installing the exhaust. Spent an hour making an exhaust hanger for the muffler and modifying the other hanger because the exhaust pipes are smaller than the one that was on it (I am guessing it was NOS pipe – the original hanger fit it).







I had to modify this hanger that I made for the center pipe to use as the muffler hanger since that one was missing.


Here is the exhaust I pulled out. The center pipe looked to be an NOS unit – just kinked at the axle bend. I guess they did this when they were installing the gigantic car muffler. They used bailing wire as the muffler hanger. One thing I can say though – it was quieter with that muffler (although it was 3x the size).


I put the valve cover back on and installed the plugs and wires. Fired it up and STILL SKIPPING!


I backed it back in the tent and cleaned up – I’ve had enough for this week! Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out next time I’m off.

As I was laying in bed this morning, I had an epiphany. Something didn’t look right when I was troubleshooting yesterday. I put some work cloths on and went back out to check.

The plug wires were installed in the correct firing order, BUT this distributor rotates COUNTER clockwise – so it was firing as 1,2,4,3! I fired it up and although it was running smoother, it still wasn’t right.

Next, I hooked up a vacuum gauge and loosened the distributor. I started with 14in vacuum. I adjusted the timing for highest vacuum, then adjusted the carb – 16in. I repeated the process until the highest I could get was almost 18in vacuum. It was running a LOT better, but still not RIGHT. I took a test drive up the driveway and back – all I can say is it still needs work. Still not drive able. Next step will be putting my spare carb back on to see if that helps.

That’s all for this week off. Making baby steps, but at least I’m not just crawling!




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