Dash installed, other stuff DONE

reI pulled the batteries out, then the battery trays (one wasn’t even bolted in – just laying on the battery box bottom) and the battery box bottom. The trays are pretty much toast, but replacing those will have to wait – more important stuff needs to be done first! I had to soak and heat the screws holding the bottom on – they were holding fast, but finally gave way!

Once out, I wire brushed the heavy rust and sprayed with Rustoleum Rust Converter to stop the rust. When that was dry, I sprayed a couple of heavy coats of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer. When that was dry, I sprayed a couple of coats of Rubberized undercoating on everything. Hopefully, this will keep the rust at bay until I get around to replacing the pans and bottom. The box is in good condition.


When everything was dry (ish), I re assembled it.


Next, I started sanding on the floor and shifters. My fingers are RAW! The USMC “security system” on the shifter had to be removed so I can replace the boot, so I ended up cutting that off with a cutoff wheel. I sprayed everything with Rustoleum primer and let it dry before putting 2 coats of paint on it.


While I was painting, I decided to go ahead and paint my blackout drive light, bracket and data plate. I STILL had paint left, so I scuffed the rear wheels and cleaned them with thinner – used a piece of cardboard as a paint mask and sprayed 2 coats on them.

I got my daughter to help me out installing the dash in the Jeep so I wouldn’t scratch it. That went perfectly. Then I installed the cables, steering shaft support, window latches and ignition switch.


Lastly, I installed the batteries and lid.

Long day, but feel like I got something accomplished!




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