Removed and primed the dash

I removed the dash, stripped it and got everything primed. Hopefully I’ll get everything painted and maybe put back together tomorrow.

Lastly, I started checking the electrical system. I installed the new, replacement, light switch. I got NO lights in all of the different positions. To check it, I installed the switch from my other Jeep. I got marker lights in the BO marker position, but no other lights. I checked the BO drive light (the new one) – worked with a ground jumper.  My new (replacement) switch is bad! I pulled the front marker light doors and found this:


The other side is about the same with a little less corrosion. I checked the rear – the driver side was pretty bad rusty. The passenger side is OK. I’m going to have to replace the front BO marker lights. I have a replacement left rear light that I bought at the Denton show last year.


I’m not sure about the headlights – the PO had 12v bulbs installed with a 3 prong plug spliced to the original wiring. I didn’t get any voltage on the multimeter when testing the wires. Don’t know what to make of that yet.

Lastly, I tried disassembling a gauge. I used a screwdriver type tool that has a pronged tip.


I worked it around the edge until I had it loose enough to separate the ring from the gauge face. I used channel locks to pull the plastic from the gauge. Lastly, I separated the face from the gauge and wiped the gauge face with a cloth.

Tomorrow I will polish the gage face, check the wiring and reassemble the gauge. If everything works out, I might go ahead and disassemble the other gauges to clean and check them before I paint them and assemble the instrument panel.




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