Parts ordered

I ordered a bunch of parts on 1/19/17 from Quarter Ton & Military Jeep Parts in GA. They should be here by the time I get off work on Thursday. 

I ordered: exhaust pipe, muffler and gadgets, bellcrank rebuild kit, flex fuel line and battery retainers.

In addition to those, I figured I might as well save on shipping and order some of the finishing touches at the same time.  Those are:  new steering wheel,  cowl rubber,  transmission shifter boot,  transfer shifter boot,  shifter knob set and a filler neck grommet. Plus I went ahead and bought 5 inner tubes (Carlisle, with the correct valve stem for $9.75 ea!)

I have an appointment with Wigington Surplus on Friday to pick up some of the bigger items like spare tire carrier,  gas can carrier, 2 rims, b.o. driving light and bracket and gauges.  I’m sure I’ll find done other things I need while I’m  there – he has an old military vehicle scrap yard. 

I also called WeeBee Webbing to get an estimate on shipping time for a set of seat cushions.  David said they Donna usually gets them shipped out within 10 days when they aren’t swamped,  and they aren’t behind right now.  So I guess I’ll wait a little closer to being done before I spend that money. 

Summit Racing Equipment has the best price on 7.00×16 NDCC – Firestone branded too, so I’ll be ordering those soon as well. 

After that, I will only have some small stuff to buy here and there to finish it up.  Stay tuned – I’ll be updating in a few days with my parts shipment and will be getting back to work on it Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. 


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