Painting done (for now)

I went out this afternoon and dumped the tank to start with. I had to use a hand pump to get the level down far enough so I could carry the tank. Once empty I could see the sludge that was left on the bottom. I used a putty knife to scrape as much as I could reach. Most of it was easy to remove, but there was still a 1/4″ of hard stuff that I couldn’t get out. Once I scraped it, I washed it out with Purple Power and water and dumped it again. I wish I could’ve gotten it ALL out, but didn’t want to take it to a radiator shop to get hot dipped. If I start plugging up the filter I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get that done!

Next, I cleaned the outside with Purple Power and started sanding. The tank must not have been prepped correctly because the paint that was on there would not feather out – I had to strip the whole damn thing to bare metal! One thing I found was bondo on the areas where the baffle was welded in.


Once stripped, I blew it off, wiped it down and painted the bottom. It was cold outside, so after about 1.5hrs it was dry enough to move.



Then I moved it over to the swing set and hung it up to paint the top.


I primed and painted the fuel gauge and pickup while I had paint in the gun, but I didn’t take pics of that. The tank still wasn’t dry 2 hrs later when I was ready to come inside.

While the tank was drying, I decided to see if I could uncover the hood numbers. I started on the driver side using the DA sander. That was a mistake – strike 1, found nothing. Then I moved on to the passenger side – HAND SANDING this time. After about 5 min using 100 grit, I thought I started seeing faint number shapes. I switched to 220 grit and spent another 10 minutes – I had a hood number! After that, I spent another 10 min refining the numbers as much as I could until I was 90% sure of the number. I took a couple of pics before I sanded for another 10 min to see if I could make it even more clear. It slowly disappeared instead.



Hood # USMC 316784




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