Got it running!


I started yesterday – put the batteries in and rigged up a fuel line with a funnel for feeding the gas. It would fire off with ether, but wouldn’t run from the carb.

First start with ether

Today, I pulled the carb off and cleaned it. The needle was stuck so no gas was getting to the bowl. It runs ok, but we’ll see what happens when I get the tank cleaned and fuel line (that was cut to install an electric fuel pump) replaced. This was only temporary to verify that the engine would run and wasn’t knocking or anything.

Starting with ether and running from carb

Running from carb only

After I found that it ran Ok, I pulled the tank out and electric fuel pump crap off. I also blew the fuel line out from the shutoff valve back to where they cut the line off. I don’t know if these tanks were galvanized or anodized (it looks like anodizing), but the sand and mud trapped between the tank well and tank destroys these things! This Jeep has been under a shed since this tank was installed NEW and is already rusting. Check out the gallon of crap I drained out of the tank and lines!

I DID find some rust in the tank well that I didn’t catch. Perhaps the undercoating was covering it up. It wasn’t bad enough to cut out and replace the well, so I cleaned it and put a couple of heavy coats of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer on it and on the places that were rusting on the tank.

After I finished with this I De-civilianized the Jeep. There was a lot more wiring added than I thought. The turn signals could’ve been added a lot easier than this! It sure does look a lot better without all of that crap on it! Check out the custom Yeti Jeep cup my wife made me for Christmas (and my favorite beer).

I guess the next thing I need to do is clean and paint the tank, paint the well, install the tank an replace the fuel line. Then I can work on the brakes and make it mobile again!


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