1964 USMC M38a1

So I ran across a 1964 “Army jeep” for sale on Craigslist the other day. After looking at the 4 pics on the ad, I decided that it was probably a USMC version. I called the number and talked to the owner. He said it was very original and that he replaced the carb and fuel tank and they would drive it around the farm. I figured we could go look at it on New Years day because that’s the first day I would be off.

We took a day trip and rode over to look at it (about 85 miles away). I took everything I would need to do a thorough inspection – a bag of tools, ground cover, coveralls, multimeter, compression tester, 2 batteries, starting fluid, oil and a jack. When we got there I did a quick assessment and was impressed – 1 place in the passenger floor had rust and the rear panel had a little damage and not too many dents. I dug a little deeper. The engine compartment was complete and original. The radiator didn’t leak. The tank wasn’t full of rust – just varnish! The tank well wasn’t rusted through and there was no rust in triangular cowl braces, tool box or hat channels! The parking brake assembly is complete, although the pads are worn out. It had the front AND rear limited slip diffs. It even had the rear seat frame and all 4 shackles!

Things that are missing: Blackout drive light, gas can carrier, spare tire/wheel and mount and pintle hitch.

Things I know that will need replacing: Fuel pump and line to carb, exhaust pipe/muffler, 2 wheels/all tires, light switch, 1 front spring (top leaf), bellcrank rebuild and seat cushions.

Here are some of the initial pics. I’ll get started on it as soon as I finish the fuel pump install on the Army Jeep. So technically, this is a 1964 KAISER M38a1.

wp-1483567966644.jpgwp-1483567966713.jpgIncludes the rear seat!No idea what the stripes on the bumper and rear panel were for. Love the 70's CJ stripes on the hood, fenders and sides.wp-1483567965672.jpgwp-1483567966529.jpgGas tank was replaced years ago.wp-1483567966527.jpgMost of the rust in the floorboard is surface. The rust at the cowl brace on the floorboard is the only rust through on this Jeep!Gas tank was replaced years ago.The only rust through - coming from the floor at the cowl brace.USMC only passenger seat toggle to hold it up.Floor rust at the cowl brace. Those are paint chips on the floor.Behind the seat body serial tag.No rust in the toolbox, but a couple of places rusted through in the seal channel and the hinge pins are missing.USMC security device?Don't have a clue on the stripes. The damage on the rear panel and the rear bumperette is the only major things wrong with the body. Those tail light gotta go too!ALMOST a '65 model. Serial #95889Got to replace that civvy speedometer and fuel gauge.Why did the top 3 fade so bad while the bottom 3 didn't?Fuel pump is there but bypassed - I pumped the primer and it didn't feel right. I'm guessing the pump is inop.Correct air cleaner and solis state voltage regulator.Marine Corps responsible agency tagwp-1483567966149.jpg12v turn signal wiring messwp-1483567966045.jpgUSMC rubber covered accelerator pedalKaiser Jeep fendersUSMC rear bumper and shacklesLimited Slip rear diff tagwp-1483567965922.jpgExhaust system mess. That exhaust pipe is crimped down to 3/4" where it is bent.Wheel wells aren't dented up.Rear panel and bumperette damage



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